Birds of Condor

Birds of Condor


"Hey mate, how was your game of golf?"

"Not too bad, I had a few pars, a bunch of bogeys and a Condor!"

"WTF is a Condor!?"

Scoring a Condor is the rarest event in golf and you would be surprised at the amount of people that are like "Waaaaa?"

Also known as the Triple Eagle, or a hole in one on a par 5. Only four Condors have ever been recorded. Not discounting their credibility, but none of which have ever been made during an official tour or on a professionally accredited course. 

The odds of a standard hole in one are roughly 1 in 15,000 for an amateur player, the chances of a Condor sky rocket to over 1 in 20 million if you crunch the numbers. Crazy stats but achievable if the planets align and your ball so happened to land upon the wings of the almighty condor. 

Choosing the name and logo for what is now Birds of Condor took on many personas and at times was a tad overwhelming. It's the epitome of a brand and has to rock on so many different levels, that in itself raised lots of questions and shut down many a contender. 

Obviously it had to connect with us first and foremost and then translate into the evolving story we were envisioning. Then you hit the circus show of domains, social media usernames, scratching for complete continuity so people have half a chance of joining the dots.  

It was a lot of fun and a huge process to experience. You learn a lot about yourself, along with where you want the project to go and how you would like it to be perceived. 

Coming from a surfing and music background the question that set the tone was: what is that element of addiction in golf that connects everyone? What's the equivalent of a perfect tube where time stands still or a melody in a song that stops you in your tracks. You know, the feel goods, the pure stoke and out of body experiences. 

We soon realised that it was the birds!!

Birdie, Eagle, Albatross, all under the alluring shadow and great beard of Condor. The forsaken TRIPLE EAGLE!!! 

That was the moment it all made sense to us visually and spiritually. We had found a solid foundation that inspired creative freedom and also held relevance to the game of golf on many levels.







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