January 22, 2016 1 min read

There is something hugely addictive about working with creative people.

A collaboration of artistic minds, bringing life to an idea and particular moment in time. Truly something that Birds of Condor thrives upon.

The lifestyle shoot for the debut range moved its way from a scorcher on the beach, to the golden hour and one of the highest points above Byron Bay. The original shoot was actually cancelled due to some ordinary weather but the reschedule was well worth the wait, scoring one dreamy afternoon.

It was a surreal and very proud moment to see a bunch of people rockin Birds of Condor threads. The brand finally got to stretch its wings.

A big thank you to Ming, Marissa, Jonatan, Sebastian, Ellie, Taylor, Miky, Aidan and Tez. It was loads of fun. Also a shout out to the Byron Bay Golf Course, Stone & Wood and the Byron View Farm for your generous support and last but not least, Big Red, the sassy old girl from 1982. 



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