Birds turns 2!

Birds turns 2!

Happy Birthday 2 us!!

These first two years have been a whirlwind journey and so much fun. Actual life changing experiences, accomplishments and some well earned stripes. 

We've played a lot of golf, visited remarkable parts of the world and worked with amazingly creative people which has inspired us to release styles that we are truly proud of. 

We thought of a few different ways to celebrate this coming of age. But just couldn't go by a good old fashioned piss up. When you look back on all that stuff it kind of makes you thirsty.

Over the moon for the wins, sharper for the lessons and grateful for a tone that is natural to both the brand and who we are as people.

We get a real kick out of fuelling a lifestyle and pushing fashionable boundaries within the golf world. 

A special shout out and whole heartedly thank you to all the people who buy and enjoy our products, the stores who stock and believe in Birds, you guys keep us doing what we love.

We live for the creative grooves, new friendships and especially the eve of dropping something new. 

To the massive double stack pavlova covered in fruit that melted in the car on the way to the Byron Bay Golf Club, you were a hit - after being hit - by a 7 iron. Your sacrifice and sweet nectar from the gods will not be forgotten. 

We just sat around with afternoon and some mates, drank cheap bubbles & tins, and picked at the strawberries and kiwi fruit that had exploded onto the practice green. Classy as. Cheers!

Check out the celebration reel. 


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