Meet Kentaro Yoshida

Meet Kentaro Yoshida

Kentaro Yoshida


Our mate Kentaro Yoshida, creator of Kenny G, or as we like to say, the coolest Koala from down under, has joined forces with us once more for some fresh scribbles and a mind blowing interpretation on golf.

The Japanese-born illustrator and artist who now resides in Sydney’s Northern Beaches has worked with some huge global brands, from Apple and Converse to Blink 182 and Life Without Andy. Kentaro’s pastel toned artwork has bold line-work, quirky characters, and a beach-side sense of humour that fit so well with the Birds of Condor community and vibes.

We can’t tell you too much yet but let us just say this will be a BIG digital team up – one thousand, one hundred and eleven times big in fact!

Don’t mean to leave you hanging but…
Kenny G
Kenny G Koala by Kentaro Yoshida


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Kentaro YoshidaKentaro Yoshida


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