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Caddie Magazine

Online social is a classic way to share and document life experience. Showcasing your creative side and bringing awareness to projects or personal pages has never been so much fun.

One of the coolest aspects enjoyed since launching Birds of Condor (May 2016) is the B2B side of things. Passionate people buzzing off similar interests working towards existing in doing what they love for enough pesos for tacos. 

One of those random/pleasant relationships was bumping in to editor-in-chief Will Watt from Caddie Magazine on Instagram. 

Will initially messaged us to say that he was enjoying watching our progress through the year, and to introduce Caddie Magazine. He also kindly offered to send a copy which we happily excepted.

Although not expected it felt just as good to return the gesture and so a Birds of Condor hat was shipped off and probably would have high five'd the Caddie Magazine mid air on route to their new homes. 

The magazine was such a pleasure to read through, golden hour - dreamy images supported by stories and places afar.

Perfectly capturing why we love this game in its most simplistic form. It's not taking things too seriously, only wandering with the game, taking in scenery and moments of clarity away from all the noise. 

Super nice matt textured feels from page to page are an instant hit. A slightly heavier gsm that your finger tips love flicking through. You can tell that Will and the team hold attention to detail & quality high in their product. That is something that we too slave over through every process and appreciate what goes into actually delivering. 

Without giving too much away, we particularly loved the Client Liaison story, being fans of their music and hearing about Prince's influence on them was interesting to read about.

The other really cool article was their feature on the Lofoten Links in Norway, golfing in the midnight sun and northern lights has a beautiful eeriness that is visually breathtaking. Can't wait to play that course some day.

Pop out and grab a copy for yourself, your dad or anyone who loves the game of golf. A huge effort and kick ass result for volume one Caddie Mag, can't wait to check out volume two. 





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