California Knows How to Partee!

California Knows How to Partee!

How good is inspiration when it smacks you fair in the teeth.

It's everywhere - sounds, random signs, colour combinations, and textures that shoot you off on tangents of creativity.

We live for that wave of inspo to come rollin through the lineup. 

On a work / family trip through Cali, that vision hit us hard via licence plates of all things.

Cruising through LA traffic we became hell bent on the little boxed in and red cursive California font zippin around on cars passing by.  

After some classic banter and dialling in KDAY 93.5 FM it was a no brainer to honour one of our favourite 2Pac songs.

Mixing a little golf play with some California Love lyrics and best coast vibes we introduce you to this new rope style banger of a hat in black and white. 

California Knows How To Partee! Yep! 

A triple threat and true gamer on the fairways with some extra headroom for a bit of old school swagger. 

In January 2018 we showcased some new drops at AGENDA Long Beach and randomly met a photographer named Dominique who liked our mix of golf meets street, meets beats. 

So when the time came to shoot this style, it made perfect sense to hit up our mate Dom for the man behind the lens along with his buddy Trappy Smoov and Venice Beach for the local moods. 


Grab this hat here or if you live in America head to the Trendy Golf website who are also based out of Venice Beach, CA. 

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