Author Kristi McDonough / Published: Jul 26 2022

Golf is changing – and we’re all for it!

Participation rates are up, demographics are broadening, and the good times just seem to be getting bigger and better across the fairways. Speaking volumes to this shift is our latest collaboration created exclusively to dress the players of a global sport moving into a realm of inclusivity, embracing a stylish and fun new era.

True Players

Birds has built an intriguing lifestyle around a family run and owned brand, making tidy moves in the alt golf fashion world. And unless you were hiding under a rock through the 90’s, you would know of COOGI’s vibrant luxury knits, and ties to vintage hip-hop and streetwear. Two Australian brands. Both doing fashion their own way & contributing to an exciting contrast. In fact, like the way Birds is appealing to a less traditional, less stuffy, golf audience, it was the legendary Biggie Smalls signature look of an outrageously colourful, high price point COOGI sweater that tipped COOGI from country club and yachting, into a whole new crowd. This collaboration is a perfect pairing on the tee box, one, an icon and the other on the rise in a booming industry chasing green dreams and pushing boundaries.

“Art, music, and good times are the core ingredients of everything we do here at Birds.

It is so cool to join forces with an OG Aussie fashion brand, referenced in lyrics and worn by some of our heroes from the American hip-hop scene…we’re proud to bring that vibe to the game of golf.”

Frankie Kimpton | Birds of Condor Founder & Creative Director

Worlds Collide

Childhood dreams were made when the Birds team took over Byron Bay Golf Course one chilly night in June. With our boombox blaring classic Big Poppa tracks, and our golf cart fully wrapped in our collaboration signature COOGI print, we tasked ourselves with capturing the vibe and energy of the biggest collab we have created to date.

Beers were drunk, our hip-hop dancers slayed and our epic videography team put in the hard yards bringing our vision to life. We’re not going to lie, this is a new level for Birds and the best bit is…we ain’t stopping here…. Stay tuned for our next collab which is sure to blow your mind! Hey ya!

This limited-edition collaboration, available here, exclusively through Birds, features a timeless trademark COOGI print across some crowd fave, Birds of Condor styles. With 100% organic cotton and 100% recycled polyester, this collection is built with all the good stuff both technical and environmental…and if Biggie was still with us today -may he rest in peace- he'd be proud to rock these threads and drop some Birdies.

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