Coming from a music background as a recording artist, working toward the final recorded, mixed and mastered product was only ever half of it. Once we had captured the soul of a particular song it was then how do we best represent and translate its truth into a video, or the single artwork further letting our audience into what it meant to us and ultimately what it meant to them. 

The process of coming up with the idea for our new Divot hat was as fun and engaging as ever. Fonts, colours, fabrics, samples and feedback weirdly felt like home in a parallel world of lyrics, tones, instruments, sounds and speakers.

It became clear and felt right to treat the hat like it was a new recording, a renegade dj/golf addict was born and envisioned taking out the brim of the hat like new vinyl about to drop a fresh beat. A cool twist on mainstream golf and where Birds of Condor thrives. 

We wanted to integrate that creative process that fires us up on working toward "the release" of a product, more so than we had done before and I don't think we can go back to anything less now. Savouring on those moments and collaborative ideas as it comes together can power your enthusiasm for months, our happy creative space. 

As the sun set we headed off to our home hacking ground at the Byron Bay Golf Club. A generator, smoke machine, the good old golf clubs & mozzie repellent were all thrown in the ute to help shape the opening scenes.

Checking out some of the magic on the fly, always love working with Sebastian & Jonatan from Rest Your Eyes Productions. We go way back to when they recorded one of our first music videos for our band, always having lots of fun while keeping in tune with the essence of your project. 

Loved the way the greens looked under lights, casting those big shadows. Marvin Chambraud working on his divot and swing game. 

A big thanks to Jesse Goggins for his motorbike (had so much fun hooking down the 10th on that old girl) and Daniel Cordero from CASJ Photography for capturing some great moments to remember. 

Got the frame stoke, high fives all round!

The last product money shots on the decks. 

The final vid for the Divot teaser.





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