Fairways & Dreams Tour

Fairways & Dreams Tour

It feels real good and a little overwhelming to have put a solid amount of time, sweat and investment into the upcoming Fairways & Dreams tour. 

A quick reflection as our bags are packed, finally ready to share with AGENDA and The PGA Show who we are and where Birds of Condor is headed. 

Will they love us, will they hate us - who knows?

What we do know is that we took ourselves to breaking point, to that space where pressure and the love for what you do is challenged by the will to keep going as you strive for the goals vs. the ticking clock of deadlines. That has to count for something right? 

So many moving parts in pulling all this together: the quotes, product samples, flights, accomodation, visas, re-samples, show logistics, car hire, transfers, shipping, emails, phone calls, yes, no, maybe, who knows, fuck, money in, money out, how much?, money out, more flights, what, coffee, beers and tears... exhale. 

Ha! What a ride and gigantic learning curve. 

Of course it's not all heavy lifting. 

The creative journey for where any product lands at its final destination is pure addiction and sweet reward. Collaborative minds and patience to sit with an idea and back it all the way is what we love and labor over. 

The chill time lined up before the trade fairs and New Years Eve spent in Hawaii is going to be spot on and well deserved. Can't wait to hang on the north shore and sneak in 18 holes at Turtle Bay

Catch ups with some old friends in San Diego and a quick zip over to Palm Springs for a photo shoot and a few days of picturesque golf with the Stand By Golf legends also. 

The other exciting part of this trip for us is that we will finally get to hang with some of the friends and fans we've made on the line.

People who love our products and live the lifestyle, the individuals who have been incredibly supportive since the launch of Birds of Condor - this is for you just as much as it is for us. 

Can't wait for this, it feels real good. 





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