Golf Safari

January 15, 2019 2 min read


We loved those classic surf trips when we were groms. 

Sardined into a car with your crew, music blaring down the highway w/ surfboards stacked to the sky on the quest for uncrowded pumping waves.

That was the inspo for our photo shoot w/ Scotty Harland and good pals Tommy & Sam.

We loaded up Tommy’s old Merc w/ our golf bags and head out of bounds to hit some balls and shoot some threads. 

The car almost didn’t make it due to overheating and we missed a classic shot by seconds when Tommy eased off the radiator cap as predator green coolent exploded up into the hood. You can see it pooling under his feet in the pic below and it almost got him in the face. 

All the usual suspects were there - music, beers, our super close mates chips ’n’ salsa but this time golf clubs instead of boards. 

A cool thing about Birds recently turning two is that as a brand we've become more comfortable in our skin. The lifestyle, direction and beat of the brand is loud and clear for us. 

It seemed like the first two years was a lot of setting up stuff and work involved with building solid foundations, had to be done. 

Now we’re coming into the cool phase where we can let go of process a little and just do, it's a nice place to have arrived at after slogging it out.

Hats off to anyone out there trying to get their brand off the ground. 

A pre-shot routine for Tommy. 

Three hours of clicking finished up at the second location of the day in a empty carpark. Thanks for the beers and pizza mum, we were running on empty. 

We hired a smoke machine with a few particular late night shots in mind that needed a “little generator” to power a “little smoke machine" 

Somehow what rocked up to power the smoke machine was actually meant for some tradie guy jack hammering on a big job way out west. Sorry mate. 

He scored our small generator and we got his monster sized beast with more smoke billowing out of the generator than the actual smoke machine. 

A ridiculously loud spectacle, but those little mishaps keep it all very real and always lots of fun. 

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