Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays


Ahhh... the Christmas holiday season, that time of year where traditions are honoured, credit cards run dry and your socks get restocked. 

Somehow, every year, you wind up sitting next to that aunt who drowns herself in that ghastly perfume, face those awkward questions of "So, what are you doing with your life?" and that one painful family member that drinks a little too much of the devils milk and reduces someone to tears. 

One of our traditions is to watch one of the best Christmas movies ever, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Hanging out with the Griswolds every year is a bitter sweet and sentimental reminder of what Christmas is all about and could very well deliver. 

The one thing you slowly learn from these gatherings is to just sit back, relax, eat copious amounts of food and enjoy the show :) 

This scene is one of the many priceless moments in this vid. 

On a side note, if shit really hits the fan, sneak off for another Chevy classic -Caddyshack and his shenanigans at Bushwood Golf Club



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