Kawuki “Roger” Sali

Kawuki “Roger” Sali

Introducing Kawuki “Roger” Sali, Ugandan born golf enthusiast and Birds of Condor’s newest ambassador.

 We stumbled across Roger via social media and absolutely loved his undeniable golf finesse, his story and the sheer joy he brings kids living in communities that wouldn’t otherwise have any access to golf. 

“You can’t help but smile when you watch Roger’s style.  

He has the most pure – self-taught swing, and is changing what is possible and accepted in golf, by doing it his own way”. 

Frankie Kimpton | Birds of Condor Founder & Creative Director
Birds always champion golf to be inclusive, rather than exclusive. So you can imagine how stoked we were when we discovered that this natural talent was also inspiring by sharing his knowledge and love of golf with children in small communities all over Uganda.


Using golf as the vehicle, Roger is on a mission to encourage kids to be the best they can be, whilst having a whole lot of fun along the way. 
“Golf changed the way I think about life…it has taught me to always stay calm because the next shot is more important than the one you just hit.

Golf is a game of discipline…if someone like a kid is able to play golf for just even 2 hours, they can train their brain to think and work more in their day to day life, and in class…” 

Birds of Condor Ambassador | Kawuki “Roger” Sali 

Spearheaded by Roger, we are thrilled to be launching the Birds of Condor Community Support Program, which focuses on giving back and inspiring youth across regions that don't traditionally have access to golf.  Through the program, we will be providing headwear and apparel not only to Roger, but to children he visits throughout Uganda and surrounding areas. Our plan is to expand the initiative both closer to home in Australia and abroad. 


Stay tuned to learn a lot more about our mate Roger, and for more details on the roll out of the Birds Community Support Program.


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