Lords of Swing Collectibles - The Break Down!

Lords of Swing Collectibles - The Break Down!


Owning a Lords of Swing digital collectible grants you unprecedented access to the entire Birds of Condor ecosystem including lifetime discounts, early access to shop new collections, collaborations and sales. 

Not to mention your Lord will be serving you up an immediate free redemption of their Birds of Condor visor worn, a Lords of Swing Swag Pack, access to a ton of Topgolf benefits and the chance to bag a heap of rad sh*t from our other utility partners, including Play Today and Oakley.

Got a few questions. Don't we all?

How do I buy it?

It’s easy – just click on the button below. This will take you to the Lords of Swing site where you can see a whole lot more info on the program. Then simply click through to purchase with your credit card and an email address. You can also purchase with Ethereum if you already have it.

What do I do with it?


If you’re that way inclined just sit back and admire your beautiful piece of art, both digitally and physically with your exclusive full colour (card stock) art print that will accompany your visor & Lords pack (we all love something to hold onto). If you want to you can trade or sell your Lord. But personally, we think that the next step is to claim all your epic rewards and benefits, then slide your favourite sip into your Lords beer koozie, chuck on your new Birds visor and head down to Topgolf to send a few knowing that you are now, officially part of the most supercharged loyalty program the golf space has ever seen!

So the cost is .13 ETH. What & how much is that?

ETH or as it’s more broadly known Ethereum, is a type of digital crypto currency that allows people to make payments directly to each other through an online system.

The purchase price of our Lords of Swing Digital Collectibles will be based off a conversion of approximately USD$200 to Ethereum. As the price of Ethereum fluctuates often, the final price in fiat (USD, AUD etc will vary slightly).

The price of .13ETH equates to roughly: $300 AUD, £165, ¥26,975, €187, ₩260,445, $199 USD, $269 CAN, 
but don’t worry, you can pay for your Lord in your own local currency with a credit card, and YES you can purchase more than just one Lord.

Do I need a Crypto wallet?

Technically yes, but we’ve set up a system that allows you to bypass all the hard stuff.

When you select the buy with credit card option on our Lords site (via the Purchase Now button below), and create an account using your email address, a wallet will be automatically generated for you. 

What do I get when I purchase?

Welcome to the best bit! When you purchase your Lord, you gain unprecedented access within the Birds community and score benefits from our epic Utility Partners, check out the list below; 

- Exclusive art print of your Digital Collectible from Kentaro Yoshida

Immediate free redeemable of the specific Birds of Condor Visor worn by your Lord

- Free Lords of Swing swag pack, including stickers, beer koozie and more

- Access to our dynamic loyalty program with tiered membership levels

Early access to all future capsule releases, events & competitions 

Lifetime Birds of Condor discounts starting at 15% & leveling up to 25% with the more you engage & spend

- A share in over $30k worth of Topgolf coupons and e-gift cards

- Future governance in Birds' designs and releases

- Chance to win a pair of Oakley Hydra sunnies

The benefits, or utilities as they are known, will continually evolve and grow – the best way to keep up with everything is to join the Birds discord Here.

What is Discord and why should I join?

Discord is a social server with the means to chat and connect with other like-minded golfers, weekend warriors, and Lords of Swing digital collectible holders. It is also the main place for communication for the brand where you can have direct access to engage with the Birds team, earn extra rewards, win stuff and get first access to events and new merch drops.

Where will my collectible live?

Your Lord will be safe at home in your digital wallet.

If you purchased using a credit card you can log into crossmint.com to view it, search the Lords of Swing Collection on Opensea for your specific number e.g. Lords of Swing #1011 or enter our Membership Portal where you claim your rewards.

If you purchased using Ethereum you’ll also be able to view your Lord inside your Ethereum Wallet ie Metamask.

Still have some more questions around Lords of Swing? Please don't hesitate to reach out to tom@birdsofcondor.com as he'll be happy to assist you in between working on his short game.




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