Music Industry Masters 2023: A Sunny Dayze of Swings and Swigs.

Music Industry Masters 2023: A Sunny Dayze of Swings and Swigs.

A Sunny Dayze of Swings and Swigs.

In typical Birds fashion, we swooped in and took over Byron Bay Golf Club's infamous par 3 and transformed it into a killer party hole for the annual Music Industry Masters (MIM Cup) charity golf event for Splendour in the Grass.

The best part... we didn't do it alone. 

[Enter scene] that one friend that no matter what time of the night you call them to go out and party, they're down... none other than the legends at Pit Viper.

But it didn't stop there, under that bright marquee covered in zany retro graphics, spitting fire freestyle raps and blowing horns louder than a dehydrated viking was local musical lords, The Versace Boys.

It was a triadic matrimony for the ages, creating the most stellar of days and a total mood.

Ok, enough vibe swooning, let's get back to business. 

There were 25 teams that tee'd off this year to compete for the prized MIM Cup —13 of the raddest bands from Splendour in the Grass and 12 crews of straight industry badasses. It was all about birdies, bants, and the best of times for 3 epic causes.

Our Operations Queens, Zoe & Amy went all out and made sure every player was decked out in our Birds of Condor x Music Industry Masters drip. I'm talking soft peak caps and smooth bright green polos. Delicious.

Birds of Condor

Meanwhile, down on the hole, the rest of our Birds crew captained by Warto our Wholesale Manager & Digital Marketing guru Tommy, ensured the beats were bangin and the stoke stayed sky high. Any golfer nailing a straight shot was showered with steez – I'm talking sweet Birds gear and wild Pit Viper sunnies, because who doesn't love freebies? And let's not even get started on the bevies.

Hydration station for the nation baby!

Not to name names or nothing but I've got to say... The Dune Rats and The Colliflower Band sure know how to party... 

Music Industry Masters Compilation

Also, an honourable mention to Juan, the inflatable Pit Viper man, who while frantically waving his arms and holding down the green, copped a rouge ball right in that filthy mo... not that a rouge ball off that tee box was something unusual by that point of the day though... oh, and yes Juan is fine.

But let's be real – the day was about much more than killer vibes and free shit.

We all came together to raise awareness and over $30,000 for fundraising partners - Hi Neighbour, MMAD (Musicians Making a Difference), and Go Foundation. Each of these foundations are doing incredible work in the space and it was an absolute honour to be able to give back while spreading smiles. 

And just quietly? We're absolutely buzzing to create more dayze like this. Needless to say our brandmance with the Pit Viper crew is straight-up goals, and we can't wait for more collabs with them in the future.

Birds of Condor x Pit Viper Squad Goals

"The Birds of Condor x Pit Viper par 3 was such a vibe, with the Versace Boys grooving all day, we can’t wait to see what the team come up with next year"
- Sam Margin, Music Industry Masters Founder

Until we do it all again, keep the good times rolling by copping some Music Industry Masters gear in our online store.

Music Industry Masters Polo Shirt Soft Peak Cap by Birds of Condor

The Music Industry Masters Silent Auction and Raffle is still live with heaps of prizes remaining! Head to the website now to help raise much needed funds for all the incredible charity foundation partners.
By now the sun has very much set on the Byron Bay Golf Club, leaving us totally vibing on memories of a perfect winter's day. We can't wait to repeat the good times next year. Catch you on the tee box in '24.

Music Industry Masters Charity Raffle and Auction


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