PGA Show '20

PGA Show '20

check out the new hat range and apparel by birds of condor from the 2020 pga golf show in Orlando Florida

The PGA Show is always an exciting time of the year for Birds of Condor

Obviously for business it's a huge boost in brand awareness and growth but it's also that one time of year that we pack up the entire family for a work / holiday to one of our favourite parts of the world after spending the previous 6 - 12 months gearing up to showcase all things new for Birds of Condor. 

2020 pga show check in for Australian based golf headwear and apparel brand

It's a massive logistical challenge and financial investment getting a young Aussie brand and family run business all the way to Florida, USA from Byron Bay, Australia. 

That's a challenge we enjoy and have faith in to bring a brand we have built from the ground up and love to the major league of the golf industry. 

Australian family run golf headwear and apparel brand birds of condor at the 2020 pga golf merchandise show in Orlando

2020 was our 3rd consecutive year and again, very grateful for the opportunity and so proud to always have our #1 little sales assistant and beautiful daughter Luna on this journey with us.

She is so amazing with people that visit our booth, handing out business cards + lollies and asking them if they would like to buy something from the Birds of Condor shop :)

Sporting new hats throughout the day and passing out at the dinner table after all the days energy, she is just too cute. Luna has grown up with this yearly migration and show being a major event in her life. I think a lot of people both PGA Show staff and other industry folk purely stop by just to check in with Luna.

5 years old and now a 3 x PGA Show veteran Ha! Ha!

stand out new brand birds of condor showcase new hats and caps at the pga merchandise show in Orlando 2020

This year we had our mate Dwayne Tucker Photography (Florida based lord, see upcoming blog post of photoshoot we did with him pre-show in Miami) join us each day who took happy snaps with peeps wearing our new gear.  

Happy snaps with Golf Channel's Alex O'Laughlin at the birds of condor booth at 2020 PGA Show Orlando

Dwayne & Alexandra from Golf Channel.  

All smiles with trendy golf usa at the birds of condor booth in Orlando pga show 2020

Tully from Trendy Golf USA. Such a legend. 

Golf balled and bradley putters stop by the birds of condor booth at the pga show in orlando 2020

Sean from Golf Balled & Bradley Putters

Matt Cardis hanging out with birds of condor at the 2020 PGA Show in orlando

Dwayne & Matt from Golf in Your State.

Dylan from Bending Par TV stopped in for a quick chat on Day 2. It was early and could have done with a few less beers the night before. 

Christin Lee from Nevada Bob's catching up with birds of condor at the 2020 pga show.

 Christin from Nevada Bobs Wisconsin. Love this lady. 

Dwayne tucker sporting some new gear by birds of condor at the orlando PGA Show 2020

Dwayne rockin' some new gear. 

Golf babes having fun with new hats from birds of condor at the PGA Show Orlando 2020

Alexis & Kayla!

New bucket hat range from birds of condor at the 2020 PGA Show orlando

Buckets! girls trying on some new gear at the birds of condor booth in orlando for 2020 PGA Show

Bridget & Emily from

Nevada bob's stop by to check out the new hats and golf gear by birds of condor at pga show 2020 orlando

Our man on the ground in WI, Austin & Christin. 

birds of condor at the 2020 pga golf show in orlando

Ah! Forgot this girls name, she loved our gear and I loved our new Filthy Putts hat on her. 

Good Sunday's from Germany stop by to try on some new gear from birds of condor at 2020 PGA show

Fabian from Good Sundays Germany!

Radry golf and Dwayne Tucker photography at the birds of condor booth in orlando PGA show 2020

Dwayne and Tony from Radry Golf

birds of condor family run business and new golf headwear and apparel brand showcase at the 2020 PGA Show orlando

Luna on her snack break. 

Golf channel's Alex o'laughlin checks in with birds of condor at the 2020 pga golf merchandise show

Alex looking fab. 

The caddy girls stop by to say hi to the birds of condor team at the PGA show in orlando 2020

Tally & Carly from The Caddy Girls. A big few days of promo for these babes. 

Check out the new hats and caps by birds of condor at the PGA Show in orlando 2020

Britt from The Caddy Girls, what a cool lady. 

new hats and caps range from birds of condor at the PGA Show orlando

Dwayne & Christin rocking the new unstructured You Me Golf Now hats dropping in July '20. 

birds of condor finish up another great year at the PGA Show

Another fun year at The PGA Show, a lot of new friends and echoes of cool conversations not to mention the contacts and exciting new and continued business opportunities. 

Thank you to all who stopped by and shared your time with us. Super inspired by the comments and positivity towards Birds of Condor and where we're taking this lifestyle & brand.

Hope to see you back again in '21. 

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Playas Size Guide

you've found the birds playas size guide







Width (inches) 18.5 20.5 22.25 24 25.25
Length (inches) 28 29.5 31 32.25 33
Width (cm) 47 52 56.5 61 64
Length (cm) 71 75 78.5 82 83.5
Measure width & length as per diagram to best suit your groove.







Width (inches) 22 23.5 25.5 27.25 29
Length (inches) 32.5 33.75 34.75 36 37
Width (cm) 49 53 57 61 65
Length (cm) 73 75.5 78 80.5 83







Width (inches) 19 20.5 22 23.25 23.5
Length (inches) 28 28.25 29.5 30 32.25
Width (cm) 48 52 56 59 60
Length (cm) 71 72 75 76 82


Neverfind & Caddy






Width (inches) 19.25 21 21.25 22 22.5
Length (inches) 27 27.5 28 29 30
Width (cm) 49 53 54 56 57
Length (cm) 69 70 71 74 76


Stonewash Polos





Width (inches) 19.25 20 21 21.25
Length (inches) 26 27 27.5 28
Width (cm) 49 51 53 54
Length (cm) 66 69 70 71


Most Birds of Condor hats are OSFA and designed to also cater for larger heads.   Check product page details or for more info, email