Who doesn't enjoy some shade and scenery? Trees are a big part of our game at Birds of Condor, we pledge to plant 1 tree per day 365.

Reforest Now


Enjoy it. Protect it!

birds play earth day, every day

Birds of Condor are planting trees with local not-for-profit legends ReForest Now who work to restore what was once Australia’s largest expanse of subtropical rainforest - home to an incredible array of species that grew from the rich volcanic soils of Wollumbin

When you shop with us, you are helping us contribute.  

Our pledge is 1 tree per day 365 days a year.

our habitat

we💚oversized woods

The Big Scrub once covered 75,000 hectares of Northern NSW (Birds of Condor homeland, an area larger than Singapore!). 

By 1900, more than 99% of this unique ecosystem had been cleared.

When you shop with Birds of Condor, a piece of your spend goes toward planting these trees, good right!

Birds pledge to contribute a tree a day 365 days a year. You won't need to get your hands dirty or remember to water, the team at Reforest Now will take care of all the green thumb jobs.

It's a big job and every dollar helps.

WHAT reforest now DO with our donations

Grow vulnerable and endangered species in their nursery.

Plant trees to grow diverse, complex rainforest - creating and connecting habitat for native and threatened species, improving local hydrology and sequestering carbon to fight climate change    

Maintain attention to genetic diversity and ecological awareness at all planting sites ( a diverse team with relevant knowledge and skills, including ecologists)   

Achieve high survival rates (avg. 95%) through planting techniques that ensure optimal hydration and nutrient absorption in the early stages of plant growth. 

Trees are maintained and protected by agreements made with landholders. And the ecosystem we plant is listed as critically endangered under federal legislation.   

Publicly list all tree donations - offering complete transparency and thanking partners for their contributions.

Find out about ReForest Now here

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