Snapback Vid

August 14, 2016 1 min read


Ten snapback hats, three golf balls, one driver, some old blue tarp and a dodgy single mattress found in an abandoned carpark. That's the magic of a little imagination and a buddy with one hell of a golf swing. 

For awhile we had been toying with the idea of doing a promo vid that showcased our debut range of hats in one short grab. 

Keeping an eye on the ever changing graffiti going up around town it was a no brainer when we stumbled across this majestic piece of work. 

A very Byron Bay flavoured back drop but also very different for what you would come to expect visually from the golf industry.

Loved The Clash of the Titans vibe and the kind of Poseidon - esque aquatic super babe wielding our beloved/ripped out lighthouse that fired purple dolphins out of waves. We couldn't believe our luck nor the fact that we were seeing this and weren't actually tripping.

A big thank you to Jonatan and Sebastian from Rest Your Eyes, our good friend and aspiring pro Dan Morgan, the many laughs and the few last minute props - some purchased and some found. 

That's a wrap!!

Perfectly safe practise nets ;)

If trying this at home make sure you're in an open paddock or better still, find a pro golfer. Check out where literally every one of Dan's balls detonated upon arrival. 



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