Super Bowl Nine Hole Invitational

Super Bowl Nine Hole Invitational

Super Bowl Nine Hole Invitational

Picture this: The tastiest of summer dayze in Byron Bay, surrounded by good friends, ice-cold Young Henrys beers + G&Ts, and the aroma of mouthwatering authentic American game day grub. Yep, that's exactly what went down at this year's Super Bowl Nine Hole Invitational presented by Birds of Condor & Young Henrys, and let me tell you, it was one for the books.



We kicked things off at the Suffo Pub for Super Bowl LVIII, where the atmosphere was electric with high-fives and hugs all round. The Young Henrys booze flowed freely, setting the tone for the big day ahead.

Now, let's talk about the food. Oh boy, where do we even begin? The head chef at the Suffo, a USA expat and avid NFL fan, treated us to a feast fit for champions. From zesty pulled pork sliders to spicy buffalo wings and mouthwatering chili dogs, every bite was a treat. And let's not forget the hot chips – crispy, golden, and downright addictive. The ooh’s, aaah’s & cheers at the big screen were loud, it was time to get busy… Chiefs vs. 49ers + sneak peeks of Tay Tay cheering on her lad.

During the game, the energy at the Suffo Pub didn't die down – instead, it shifted gears into some Putt Putt Jam glory moments. Jimmy Jam, (aka Blair), took the stage to heckle as our MC and our golf babe GM KT tracked scores on the leaderboard, the room was lit.

The PPJ green, a humble section of pub carpet floor, transformed into a battleground of skill and precision, proved to be both a delight and a challenge for the perfect roll. With stacked prizes from Taylormade, Pit Viper, Birds, and Young Henrys up for grabs, the stakes were high, and the competition fierce.

Players carefully lined up their shots, aiming for that elusive dead center from 10 feet out. The atmosphere crackled with anticipation, punctuated by heckles from the crowd. Too much force, and the ball zipped past its mark; too little, and it fell short. But amidst the cheers and laughter, there emerged a champion – the legendary Zach from Pit Viper, whose deft touch earned him the coveted major prize from Taylormade and friends. 

Superbowl Nine Hole Invitational

Time for phase two of the Super Bowl Nine Hole Invitational… the 9 holes…

The squad was chauffeured up to our local track, the Byron Bay GC for the much anticipated 9-hole, 4-ball ambrose /scramble. The field of 52 players was jam packed with golf frothers, and it was anyone’s guess who’d emerge as champions.

Stunning views, sick beats, echoes of birdies dropping across fairways and limitless hydration from the Young Henrys girls Kat & Andy (thank you ladies)...the day was pristine.

In the end, it was Adrian, Brett, Dave, and Ryan who emerged victorious, clinching the top spot with a total score of 26 for the chicken dinner spot and slew of prizes.


Superbowl Nine Hole

After four years of unforgettable memories, this year's event almost didn't happen. But thanks to the dedication of our team and the support of our friends and partners from Young Henrys, Pit Viper, Taylormade, Byron Bay GC, and the Suffo Pub, we pulled it off – and it was no doubt our best one yet.

Looking ahead to next year, we're filled with excitement and cool memories and plan to make it bigger and better than ever come ‘25.

To quote the Big Bird himself, “It was such a fun day, everyone truly enjoyed it. Pumped on the idea of having it in Byron again next year.” Surprisingly…Byron's his home green… probably a bit biased if you ask me. Hope he doesn’t read this part 😬

Cheers to good friends, great and shit golf, and everyone who showed up and let loose on the day.

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