Swing Easy G.C feat. Happy Place Champions

Swing Easy G.C feat. Happy Place Champions


The FIFA World Cup kicks off in Qatar November 20 - get ready for some late nights people. With the Aussie Socceroos qualifying for their fifth consecutive time, we wanted to tip our hats to uniforms inspired by football teams competing on the World Cup stage.  Introducing our Swing Easy Golf Club - Happy Place Champions, collection.

The fourteen piece collection introduces a brand new, soccer inspired, buttonless polo silhouette built with premium-quality, moisture-wicking and fast-drying performance materials. Complementing this exciting new polo offering is a ridiculously comfortable mesh short and crowd favourite hat shape, each featuring a unique Swing Easy G.C - Happy Place Champions, logo. The collection seamlessly brings together lifestyle, sport, and fun all in one.


“I’ve always loved football style polos. The material they use and no button vibes are so comfortable and fresh. I actually used to score hand-me-downs of these style polos from my older cousins who all played state level football. I loved and thrashed those shirts to death. Introducing this new polo style for Birds celebrates World Cup fever with a fun football vs. golf spin. This collection revisits an old fave style, so it is kind of full circle on a personal level, which is pretty cool.”

Frankie Kimpton | Birds of Condor Founder & Creative Director

Our fictional ‘Swing Easy Golf Club’, is representative of those dreamy, relaxed days out on the fairways and greens…enjoying life in your happy place. Matching shirts with your playing partners brings together the comradery of a team sport, even if playing your own game. Whether you are competing against your crew, or swinging easy ‘Birds style’, you will definitely look completely united.

Music by Hobsons Bay Coast Guard
Creative by Yeah Rad




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