The Carlton Dance

July 28, 2016 1 min read


At the American Century Championship July 23rd. Justin Timberlake, Golden State Warriors basketball great Stephen Curry and Alfonso Ribeiro from one of the most epic American sitcoms of the 90's The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air  busted out "The Carlton Dance."

Carlton (played by Ribeiro) made the dance a classic and it's now a thing at a lot of celeb golf events. 


Something that you may not know, Alfonso also played a mini MJ. He wore the coolest red jacket and had all of Michael Jackson's moves down in an 80's Pepsi ad where Michael actually changed the lyrics to Billy Jean singing "Your the Pepsi, Generation" 

There's no doubt that Alfonso was the envy of every kid on planet earth. 

Can you imagine how bummed Coca Cola would have been when they found out that Michael Jackson was shooting an ad for Pepsi after he rejected Coke's $1 million offer.

Pepsi ended up paying $5 million for the partnership, one year after Thriller was released, it shattered the record for any celebrity endorsement deal. 



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