October 27, 2020 2 min read


Rewind to March 2020, right before Covid tee'd off on planet earth.

We were lucky enough to be in Japan checking out the Snow Machine Music Festival in Hakuba and had just hung out for a chill dinner in Tokyo with our mates from Golfickers - Yosuke, Shino & Takuya. 

Over dinner we discussed a lot of golf, life, fashion and were hit with an exciting proposal for Birds of Condor to collaborate with ZOZO Championship (facilitated by Golfickers) that was to be held in Japan for the second year in a row. Tiger Woods had nailed his 82nd PGA Tour win at this very event the year before. 

Fast forward and Golfckers, in our opinion curated the coolest bunch of new wave golf apparel brands - each their own mini capsules that celebrated an equally cool PGA Tour event that set a new benchmark in this commercial space for emerging street / beach style inspired golf brands.

So proud to have Birds of Condor featured alongside other brand faves, Malbon Golf, Radry, Eastside Golf, Clubhouse, Sugarloaf and of course Golfickers.

Check out our Birds gear that Pato is rockin for this years offering and exclusive to ZOZO Town.

Bummed that Covid played its hand in the event being moved last minute to LA and the fact we couldn't be there as planned but fingers crossed for '21 hey. 

Grab our ZOZO X Birdie snapback and hoodie HERE  

Congratulations on the W Patrick C and to Golfickers and ZOZO for inviting us along and pulling it all together under a very challenging landscape. Huge!

Check out the press on Hypebeast. 



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