Welcome to the Lords of Swing, a digital collectibles series by Birds of Condor, with artwork by legendary artist Kentaro Yoshida.
The Lords of Swing series was created to immortalise 19 of the most iconic golfing moments in history, through the eyes and pen of Kentaro.

[Kentaro profile]

Birds of Condor is committed to exploring new horizons and being at the forefront of cultural relevancy in the golf apparel space, a position that we’re dedicated to sustaining long into the future.

An opportunity we have uncovered that will allow us to achieve this vision is the exploration of digital ownership that unlocks real life utility, which has led us to the launch of a limited series of digital collectibles (NFTs) - The Lords of Swing.

As you know Birds of Condor is not one to just jump on any old bandwagon, we’re not just selling NFTs for the sake of it, we’re designing a platform to strengthen culture and expand community.

Prepare to be part of one of the most innovative web3 activations in the country, Birds style.